Groups at New Hope take on many different forms and they don't all look the same! However they are all meant to connect people with other Jesus followers and help them develop meaningful relationships – growing while being cared for and encouraged. Groups are a safe place to have fun and learn more about others, and yourself, as you grow closer to God in a smaller setting outside of a normal weekend service.

We have four types of groups including Home Groups, Specialty Groups, Serve Groups, and Connect Groups.

> Home Groups are what you think of when you’re picturing a standard “small group.” These are groups that meet in homes (or on campus) and are for people seeking to grow in community with other Christians and looking for a long-term commitment.

> Specialty Groups are short-term groups, usually in a class-style format, with a start and end date, that slows down to focus on a specific topic or subject.

> Serve Groups are comprised of all of our ministry teams here at New Hope. Joining a Serve Group is a great way to be the hands and feet of Jesus and grow in community with other people here at New Hope on the weekends or during events throughout the week.

> Connect Groups (or Crews) are interest-based groups that are planned and organized by people who call New Hope their church home. These groups are for people who are looking to hang out with other Jesus people that have similar passions and interests!

Group members have an incredible opportunity to develop authentic community while doing life together. A small group setting is an outlet for real life-change to happen and is worth your time! We would love for you to consider joining a group!

Tap the Find A Group button below to see a list of what groups we have to offer. Tap the GroupLaunch button to learn more about the best pathway to get plugged in and discover what God is calling you to! Tap the Resources button to find Group Leader Guides for both our Youth and Adult Home Groups and much more.