Engage is a three day conference for 6th - 12th grade Youth designed for you to learn about your gifts and how you can use those gifts to serve others and the local Church! Engage will give you hands on training and ministry experience that you can use right here at New Hope or wherever you go in life.

Engage is a combination of large group gatherings and smaller breakout tracks that you choose based on what your passions and interests are and how you’re wired! You’ll choose two unique Breakouts as well as an Advanced Track based on which of the two tracks you’re most interested in. During the registration process, we ask that you complete a personality profile that will be used to recommend which tracks we think you’d be best suited for!

There will also be plenty of opportunities for worship, free time, games, activities (including a pool party), and more! Engage will be held at oneighty and New Hope Effingham’s campus where we’ll make use of all that each location has to offer!

Engage 2018 is happening June 21 - 23, 2018 and we would love for you to join us! Register by June 3 to receive the early bird price of $25 and a t-shirt! After June 3, registration increases to $35 and a t-shirt is not guaranteed.

NOTE: After you complete your initial registration, you’ll receive an email in the coming days with your track recommendations and a link to complete your registration. It is important that you go in and select the tracks that you want to take (learn more about those below). If you have not selected your desired tracks by June 10, you will be automatically placed in the tracks that were recommended for you based on your profile.


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Leaders: Lucas Golden & Drew Hansen

Track 1: In this session we’ll focus on the true foundation of worship, developing a heart to know and love God. We’ll discover ways to grow in our relationship with God and learn what kinds of worship God loves the most.

Advanced Track: We’ll explore what it looks like for you to serve the church in worship with the gifts God has given you. We’ll take an inside look at the values and best practices for serving on a worship team at New Hope.


Leader: Aaron Golden

Track 1: We will be working on the essentials of putting together a video. This includes brainstorming, developing a story, planning shots, and then executing. There will be a project to complete a short video with specific guidelines by the end of the track.

Advanced Track: We will be going a little deeper into video creation, but still focusing on the basics of telling a story through creative filming and editing. There will be a new project that is a little more involved, with different guidelines.


Leader: Bethany Berry

Track 1: In track 1, we will be learning more about the heart of Jesus and how He served the people around Him. We will be digging into scripture to see not only how Jesus lived but also how He calls us to live when it comes to loving others. We will also discuss practical ways we can serve like Him in our own community. 

Advanced Track: In this advanced track, we will be putting the words of Track 1 into action by doing a service project in our community. Bring your old paint clothes, your Jesus-like attitude, and let’s do this!

relational leadership

Leader: Kelly Altman

Track 1: Do you find yourself connecting with many different social groups? Do your friends often come to you when they need advice? If you are gifted at making others feel welcome and enjoy meeting new people this track is for you! We will be focusing on helping others feel included, how to ask meaningful questions in conversation, fine tuning your listening skills and other aspects of making the most of your social interactions.

Advanced Track: In this track we will be learning how to connect to others through self awareness. When we know our strengths and how to capitalize on them, we can serve and connect others better. We will take an assessment to help figure out your strengths and how to put them into practice in your friendships, at school, on a team, in groups, and more. We will also have a time to apply what you’ve learned and dive deeper into how to make the most out of your relationships.

connecting with kids

Leader: Kristy Buescher

Track 1: Do you enjoy hanging out with kids but could use a little help on how to better connect with them and make a real difference? Sign up for NH Kids Track 1 to explore what it takes to be a leader who can impact a kid’s life. We will coach you on some practical tips on how to engage with kids.

Advanced Track: Join us in NH Kids Advanced Track for hands-on experience as we bring kids in for a portion of our session. You’ll get to hang out with them, play games, and ask them questions to try to better understand how to build relationships with the kids you serve.

graphic design

Leader: Tyler Yocum

Track 1: Track 1 will take the time to explore design in general. What’s the difference between good and bad design? Where do you go for inspiration? What resources are available to design graphics both professionally and on a budget? Then we’ll break down some designs and talk about the good, the bad, and how it was made.

Advanced Track: We’ll split up into teams and create a graphic suite using the principles and resources we talked about in Track 1. Each team will be given the tools needed to complete a design. It’s up to you to distribute tasks & bring them together for the finished result!


Leaders: Jonathan Broscious & Van Brooks

Track 1: This track gives you the keys to make your voice heard. You’ll also gain tools to go deep with other people and find out what they are thinking and feeling. No matter which way God takes you in life, it’s easier if you can communicate and do it with excellence. “Silent Speech” will open your eyes to nonverbal communication. Your handshake, eye contact, and smile say a lot about you. “Speech Fails” is hilarious, but shows you how to avoid looking nervous and uneasy. “What’s in your box?” illustrates how excellent communication holds tremendous power.

Advanced Track: We put all those tools to work. We learn about the power of questions. We use all the tools from Friday to become an expert on something, to nail that job interview, and show others the love of Jesus. Saturday is a hands on time where we analyze our communication to take our lives to the next level.

bible study

Leaders: Tyler Sterchi & Ben Wiltse

Track 1: This track will provide you with the basic tools of Bible study in order to aid you in not only understanding the Bible better yourself, but also equip you to teach it to others. The basic track will provide a general understanding of why studying the Bible is important for the Christian life, give you simple tools (such as the inductive study method) to begin with, and then provide an opportunity in which each student can practically engage in the process of Bible study and teaching.

Advanced Track: This track explores more in-depth study processes to take your study of Scripture to an entirely new level. This advanced track will explore topics such as translations of the Bible and how to pick one, understanding the background and context of the books of the Bible, as well as unique and creative ways to engage studying the Bible. The advanced track will culminate with an opportunity for students to engage in group study and short, practical teachings.


Leader: Danelle Snidle

Track 1: oneighty ART is a place where you can really get creative. In ART 101 we will learn about project planning and how to be intentional about relating to others. We will also explore ways to share art with those around you. We will be doing a small collage project so that you can get a feel of how to prepare for an event such as a oneighty night. You do not have to be “artsy” to join, just ready to have some fun!

Advanced Track: In this track we will have some fun by getting hands on and creating a project to display at oneighty. This will be a good way to practice what you learned in ART 101 and to continue working on those relationship building skills. If you enjoy getting creative and want to share art ideas with others, let’s get started!

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